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  • Release History


Release History

  • Team APE 23-JUL-2021

    APE 21.2 is now available for download


    • APEX Project Eye (APE) 21.2 includes the new translations manager to help you handle XLIFF files to translate your application.
    • Some bug fixes and minor improvements for the user interface are also included in this release.

    New features

    Translation Manager

    • Exclude translation strings you don't want to have included in your XLIFF files like queries, substitution strings, or JavaScript code.
    • An overview of translation status per language is available in a pivoted report
    • Quickly edit translations manually with a convenient HTML preview
    • Add statuses and comments to translation strings
    • Export multiple XLIFF files at once


    • Required filters on multiple pages to prevent long loading times on larger applications
    • Default docx template improved: Hide empty sections, smaller margins, overall improvements to the look and feel


    • Solved issue with unhandled characters in the PL/SQL section of the documentation
    • Minor bug fixes

    Known issues

    • 32K limit in Interactive report: If many languages are selected and a long string is to be translated, it might happen that the 32K limitation in the native APEX procedure that renders the Interactive report is hit, producing a "PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small" error
    • Privileges needed for the translation manager: The translations manager requires the users to grant SELECT privileges to some APEX internal tables. We are aware this can present an issue to some users and are working hard to ensure that grants will not be needed for future releases.
    • Translation manager not supported on autonomous database Because of the reasons above the translation manager is currently not available if the APEX instance is installed on the Autonomous Database server. We are working hard to enable this module in future releases.
  • Team APE 06-MAY-2021

    Fixed a small issue in ape_utils package when installed in Oracle Database 12.x.

  • Team APE 15-MAR-2021

    APE 21.1 is now available for download


    • APE 21.1 includes new features that add value to your work, such as the support of PLDOC comment format in documentation generation and the management and debugging tools for application users.
    • Improvements have been made to the management of data, with a new lifetime parameter for your activity and access logs.
    • Includes many bug fixes and minor improvements for the user interface.

    New features

    • PL/SQL Documentation generation: The biggest feature in this release is the additional support for PLDOC comment format in documentation generation. APE now supports document generation and printing on the fly for PL/SQL code, commented using PLDOC coding format. A new sample package has been included to demonstrate all of the supported features.
    • Custom AOP Templates: the support of custom AOP templates has been introduced in this version. Sample templates are provided, so adapting your documentation to your company's look and feel is easier than ever.
    • User management and debugging: A new users tab has been added to the application dashboard. This feature provides insight into:
      • End users using the application and allows you to remotely debug sessions, manage user data, or reset passwords (while using the APEX native authentication mechanism).
      • Workspace users with an activity report and more.
    • Email queue and Email log report: Two new reports have been added at the Instance, Workspace and application levels. Now checking your mail queue or mail log is easier from one central point.
    • Database object summary report: A report summarizing objects in the database and a full object report have been added. These allow you to check for invalid objects and compile them.
    • Table report: A report which displays the top 10 tables by size and full tables report have been added. This includes an option to gather schema statistics to improve your DB performance.
    • Application / User Activity Matrix: A report showing the last activity per user, per application has been added. This report allows you to quickly identify inactive applications or users.


    • Documentation page look and feel: The design of the documentation tab has been adapted to be more readable and attractive. Code highlighting is now available for your procedural code, making it easier to understand.
    • Data lifetime parameter: At an application level in a project it is now possible to define the lifetime of data in days. Access and activity data will be purged as per this lifetime. Leave empty to keep your data forever.
    • Hide/Show internal workspaces parameter A new parameter was created to allow users to show or display the internal APEX workspaces.
    • Link to session id from error report: The error report now includes a link to the session flow diagram, allowing you to quickly replay a session to better understand application errors.
    • External JS libraries were updated to the latest versions, bringing a huge improvement to diagram load speed.


    • Date to default value to today: Default Date to value is now set to today instead of yesterday.
    • Dependency calculation fails when no page 1 in application: Dependency calculation process failed as an APEX session was not created if an application did not have a page 1. This has been fixed in this release.
    • Multiple schemas linked to a workspace issue: Only one schema was shown when an application had more than one schema assigned to it.
    • Logo attributes not valid in applications: A column was removed from the APEX data dictionary view and causes a report to fail to render.
    • Minor bug fixes

    Known issues

    • Dependency calculation fails without the "GRANT CREATE FUNCTION" on the user where APE is deployed. Beware when the user was created manually and not using the APEX Workspace creation wizard.
  • Team APE 17-NOV-2020

    APE 20.1.3 is now available for download.


    • Multi-project assignment: A single application can now be assigned to multiple projects, allowing you to monitor an application from within different logical groups.
    • Application Name in live preview: Live preview is now displaying the application being edited in application builder.


    • Session Flow/Same cookie applications: Applications sharing session cookie was previously not displayed correctly on session flow. They are now different by color. A legend was added on the filter pane.
    • Replay Session: On the session flow section, the sequence is no longer used to group requests within the same page. Performance improved and CPU usage fix affecting Oracle RAC instances.
    • Hidden project name: Project name was not displayed in the breadcrumb when accessed via the Top Applications & Overall Statistics report.  This has now been fixed.
    • Minor bug fixes (e.g. Session Flow not showing when no login specified, aligning of objects)
  • Team APE 13-JUN-2020

    APE 20.1.2 is now available and includes Session Replay!

    Fixed an issue with manual registration.

  • Team APE 31-MAY-2020

    AOP 20.1.1 is now available.

    Updated the supporting objects to accommodate older database versions.

  • Team APE 13-MAY-2020

    AOP 20.1 released: Initial Release.