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  • Release History


Release History

  • Team APE 17-NOV-2020

    APE 20.1.3 is now available for download.


    • Multi-project assignment: A single application can now be assigned to multiple projects, allowing you to monitor an application from within different logical groups.
    • Application Name in live preview: Live preview is now displaying the application being edited in application builder.


    • Session Flow/Same cookie applications: Applications sharing session cookie was previously not displayed correctly on session flow. They are now different by color. A legend was added on the filter pane.
    • Replay Session: On the session flow section, the sequence is no longer used to group requests within the same page. Performance improved and CPU usage fix affecting Oracle RAC instances.
    • Hidden project name: Project name was not displayed in the breadcrumb when accessed via the Top Applications & Overall Statistics report.  This has now been fixed.
    • Minor bug fixes (e.g. Session Flow not showing when no login specified, aligning of objects)


  • Team APE 13-JUN-2020

    APE 20.1.2 is now available and includes Session Replay!

    Fixed an issue with manual registration.

  • Team APE 31-MAY-2020

    AOP 20.1.1 is now available.

    Updated the supporting objects to accommodate older database versions.

  • Team APE 13-MAY-2020

    AOP 20.1 released: Initial Release.