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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

APEX Project Eye (APE) is now available!

APEX Project Eye (APE)

APEX Project Eye

APEX Project Eye (APE) is changing the way you look at your Oracle APEX applications. It's an automatic documentation generation tool, quality assurance assistant, application monitor, and development aid all-in-one. The Live Insight feature turns APE into your second screen - bringing you real-time insight into your application as you develop. It combines interactive, drill-down page summaries, graphical page flow diagrams, database object dependency information, and session tracing, making it easy to see how an application is built, what it depends on, who is using it and how.

We recently released APE version 20.1.2, which now includes Session Replay. Sessions can be replayed visually on the Session Flow diagrams for easy debugging. And, the best part is that APEX Project Eye is available for FREE for personal use! To learn more and to download your free copy, visit and check out the video interview between Juergen Schuster and our Founder, Dimitri Gielis. Dimitri also wrote an excellent article on APE on his blog.



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